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Postronix TX-250 USB / Pararel
























Printer Kasir Postronix TX-250

Postronix TX-250 impact mini printers is ideal for both POS receipt printing and remote hospitality printing. It is a robust, high performance impact receipt printer which is exceptionally easy to use with clamshell covers for easy access and maintenance.
Benefiting from Windows, including support for newest version of Windows 7 (Seven) this great printer is easy to integrate to any system. This printer also comes with Linux Driver Compatibility.



Postronix TX-250 USB / Pararel dibuat dengan desain khusus dan bermutu tinggi. Postronix TX-250 USB / Pararel memiliki banyak fitur dan berbagai macam spesifikasi. Postronix TX-250 USB / Pararel sangat cocok digunakan karena berkualitas.

Postronix TX-250 Printer Features

•Multi Interface Features
•Fast print speed 4.5LPS.
•Reliabel 24V power supply
•Built in buzzer alarm
•Standard ERC-39 catridge

Postronix TX-250 Printer Applications

•POS system
•Receipts and coupons
•Kitchen printer


Printing Method : 9pin serial dot matrix
Printing Speed : 4.5ips
Resolution : 160x144dpi

Character Set : Alphanumeric Character: 95, Extended Graphic: 128 x 20 paper (1 space paper), International Character: 32
Character Size : Font A: 7x9, Font B: 9x9
Character Per Line : Font A: 40, Font B: 33

Paper Specifications
Paper Type : Plain paper
Paper Width : 76 + 0.5mm
Paper Roll Diameter : Max ±? 83.0mm
Paper Supply Method : Auto feeder loading


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